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The Secret to Finding a Good Paid Survey Site

Searching for 'paid survey' on Google will bring back millions of hits (including my site), but you don't need millions of hits you only need one good paid survey site. With all of the information out there about paid surveys how can you tell the good sites from the bad sites? After reading this article you'll know exactly what to look for and where to go to get good paid survey information without getting robbed in the process. There are ways you can compare the paid survey sites and decide which ones are best for legit paid surveys. Here are 9 factors you should look at to evaluate paid survey websites.

1. Is the site charging for access to it's list of paid survey sites? You shouldn't EVER pay to get paid survey info that is freely available, it's a waste of your hard earned money and unnecessary. This also applies to sites that want you to register with your name and email address to access their site.

These sites just want to add your email to their list so they can spam you with more of their affiliate offers. 2. Is the site growing in popularity? You can find out by checking the site at http://www.alexa.com or http://www.

quantcast.com/ 3. Find out how long the website has been in existence. Paid survey sites will come and go.

The best ones tend to have staying power. If a site has been around longer than one year it is most likely not a scam. 4.

Is the website updated regularly? Check back in a week or two and see if anything has changed at the site or if it is just a static page of links. If changing are being made that's good because it means the site owner is active in its maintenance and upkeep. 5.

After narrowing down your list to two or three paid survey websites go and take a look at each one. See how many companies are listed and how easy it is to navigate the site. What you're looking for is simply to determine which site will work best for you. 6. Get a new email account specifically for your paid surveys. All of your paid surveys should go to this address to keep them separate from your personal email.

This will help you to focus and keep more organized. 7. Do your part. The paid survey site owner has given you the tool, the list of paid survey companies. Now you have to visit each paid survey site yourself and apply.

Until the survey company has your complete registration and information they can't send you surveys. Don't hesitate, just do it. 8. Keep checking your email for new paid survey offers. Check multiple times a day if you can. It may be slow at first and you may get low paying offers, but stick with it.

As the paid survey companies find out that you are reliable they will send you more surveys as well as higher paid surveys. This is when it really gets to be fun! 9. Be patient, because it will take some time to start receiving lots of offers and more importantly good offers. It also takes some time to start hitting the required minimum payments for the paid survey companies. Once you do though you'll see that you can count on a steady income from paid surveys each month.

Following these 9 suggestions will put you ahead of 95% of the people that try to make money taking paid surveys. You will have found a legit and reliable paid survey site that works well for you and you'll be organized as well. These are the rules I've followed for almost two years now and I know they work for me and for many others who have been successful making money taking paid surveys.

Answering paid online surveys is an easy and fun way to make cash in your free time. Don’t waste your money by paying some website for paid survey information. Come to Paid Survey Success where you can get all the paid survey information you need to get paid for surveys. http://www.paid-survey-success.com

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