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Steps to Creating A Website Specifically Earning For AdSense Revenue

Building website to earn Google AdSense advertising revenue has become a popular way to make extra money online nowadays. It is easier to earn AdSense income versus generating sales by selling products or services online. However it does involve work, time and money before you start earning the Adsense program. Below are the steps to creat a content rich website for earning AdSense revenue. Step 1 Decide the content of your website.

You can select a subject relating to your interests, hobbies or experience. You can also provide educational information and provide advice through your website if you are an expert on a certain subject. Whatever subject you choose, make sure you have ample knowledge on the subject and you can keep updating it with time, because if u have the same matter that was present a month ago people won't visit your site. Step 2 Use a website builder to create your website. One of the easy-to-use website builders who can help you build a website is Bluevoda website builder. Bluevoda site builder allows users to build a website without technical knowledge.

You don't need to build your site from the scratch. The trick is to use a free professional template provided by the site builder and then start adding your text and links to your website. You can add some graphics and pictures to make your site look nicer. The site should look neat and attractive when looked at the very first time. The reason for this being if you have a dull site, people wont really care about looking at it again, but if the looks of the site are good and in a well laid out fashion people will have a look at it again and maybe suggest a few family and friends to visit that site.

After completing your website project, your next step is to register a domain name and sign up for a hosting account to publish your website on the Internet. Step 3 Join Google AdSense program. It will usually take several days for Google AdSense team to review and approve your site. If Google accepts your application. You can start learning how to generate AdSense code to insert it to your website to generate Adsense revenue. If your site was rejected by Google, don't get upset.

Google will let you know the reasons for the rejection. You can fix the problems and apply again. So there is always a second chance in this case.

You can just fix that problem inyour website and contact Google again to have your website approved and working for the Google adsense program. Step 4 You need to drive targeted Visitors/Traffic to your website to generate Adsense revenue. The higher your website's traffic the greater your Adsense earning will be.

Below are some of the ways that can help you to get in some traffic whithin a short period of time. 1) Use Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The two most popular PPC search engines are Google and Yahoo. Google and Yahoo can deliver instant traffic to your website but it is costly to advertise on Google and Yahoo.

There are other alternatives like Bidvertise.com and Clicksor.com which are cheaper to advertise with.

They have good rates and it won't hurt your pocket much too. 2) Introduce your site to your family and friends. 3) Write several articles with a link to your website on the resource box and submit them to article directories. You can find a list of article directories by going to Google and entering the search term 'article directory'. 4) Post messages on community forums with a link to your site on the signature of each message posted.

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