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Is Prosperity Freedom Builder by Kimball Roundy a Scam

Hang on to your seat because this article is about to shock you. Prosperity Freedom Builder is unlike any of the "Next Great Internet MoneyMaking Ideas" However, It is safe to assume that most of you still are timid about this new program and will need to investigate it before you truly see it's beauty. The question that you will all ask yourselves is "Will This System Work For Me? I had the same question when I first began to research Kimball Roundy's system, I just could not believe the claims the system made could be true.

Most of the products advertised on the web never live up to their hype, and there are always negative reviews regarding them, the Prosperity Freedom Builder is no different. For argument sake I Will Compare it to The Reverse Funnel System. The Reverse Funnel System handles all of the normal hassle associated with internet marketing including: splash pages, the email auto responders, the advertising campaign tracking, and the merchant accounting. You may think thats great right? What the RFS system does NOT do for you is 1.

Generate Traffic 2. Generate Leads All it does for you is give you a couple mediums in which YOU have to do all the advertising for. Prosperity Freedom Builder takes care of absolutely everything, and I mean everything. This system handles all of the "normal hassle associated with internet marketing including: splash pages, the email auto responders, the advertising campaign tracking, and the merchant accounting" AND on top of that they provide you with the traffic that you need to build your business. Let me explain to you how, 1.Most of you are losing money because of your marketing costs, aka Google Adwords.

You are ALL paying way to much for your keywords. And I bet all the money you are spending advertising is going down the drain. 2.Here is the beauty of Prosperity Freedom Builder, They SET UP your very own Google Adwords account, With numerous campaigns and keywords that will cost you at most 20 cents a click. How Can You Beat That? 3.Last But Not Least, Once they set up your account, then you have knowledge about google adwords, which you can take with you.

Now, you may think that is wonderful, but there are many downsides to this. Since Kimball Roundy is setting up the Google Adwords account for you, many of the same keywords are going to be spammed. Which might lower your results.

This system is not for everybody, you will still have to manually promote the site for better results. However, the hassle of paying for high priced keywords is taken care of for you. Another negative point, is that the system is fairly new. It has only been about 4 months since its creation. And like most new ventures there is risk involved. Copyright (c) 2008 Leighton James.

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