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How to Use Articles to Fuel Your Websites

I can't say it enough. Content is king! It's true whether we want to admit it or not. Content is the major building blocks of any website. In fact, most webmasters can't get enough high quality content to properly "fuel" their websites. Search engine spiders are ever hungry for fresh, relevant content. If you can't feed them you might as well hang it up.

Your rankings will most likely plummet. I have seen it time and time again. A really great site hits the Internet with a bang - continues to do well for a few months because the content is awesome - then goes flat. No new content has been added. Sure, the webmaster was probably totally consumed in getting inbound links to appease Google, but what he also didn't realize is that Google, Yahoo and MSN are hungry for content. It goes without saying in today's competitive Internet market that content is still king.

We've heard it over the years and are living it as recently as today. The need for web content is not going away. It's growing every second! What are you doing about it? You may be thinking, "How do I get all of this content? I don't have the talent to write it, nor do I have the time". Well, folks that's where purchased articles need to come into the picture. Yes, I said purchased.

Not free articles like this one! The free article databases are great, but do you realize that you are literally sharing content with tens of thousands of other people? Do you realize it's considered duplicate content by the search engines? Not a good thing. Your next question may be, "Where can I purchase these articles?" Well, you can purchase them outright by hiring professional writers and paying a lot of money for each article. For example, I would suggest at least a hundred articles to start a brand new website.

That would cost you a whopping $1,000 - $1,500! There is an alternative though. You need to join an article membership site. Article membership sites are the happy medium between sharing content with thousands, or paying writers through the nose for content. A good article membership will offer true niche topics, several hundred articles, have a limited membership (usually 300 or less) and have a great member's only forum to share ideas. The spiders are hungry! How are you going to feed them?.

ArticleForce.com - Only 200 members allowed, 375 articles in 15 different niche topics every month! 15 niche keyword lists that match the article topics, a very interactive members only forum, topic analysis and more.

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