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Dont Do Your Online Business This Way

Copyright © Nancy Clinton Not too long ago I joined an online business that had written some amazing customer pulling ads that made it sound as though they were the answer to your dreams of getting Real Leads and loads of Traffic to your website businesses. I mean they really sounded GOOD. I have always thought I had more sense than to be fooled that badly. Boy, I joined that business with all the excitement in the world. I read a couple of their helpful articles and they promised the moon.

Wow, this was great. Then as I read more articles and listened to some videos, a pattern started developing. All of the information promised more money for my businesses, and hinted of secrets and said to stay tuned for the ride of my life.

But no secrets were ever revealed, no websites were ever suggested, no instructions were ever given on how and when to place ads or get traffic to my website. The only things that were ever suggested were more articles and videos to buy that told you nothing. So, after receiving an email asking for my opinion, I wrote the owner of this website a letter from a Newbie's point of view. Now, mind you, I am not a newbie, but what I learned from this experience is how not to take a newbie's money for nothing. Read on.

Letter From A Newbie Dear Sir: You sent me an email asking me to tell you how much I like your instant business. I'm so glad you asked that question about what we expect from your home based online business. You asked for my opinion, and I am happy to give it to you: First of all, I joined your internet business because of another program I joined that highly recommended you. I really thought your online business was a wonderful thing to belong to. But, I found out very quickly that there is just too much of the same information over and over and over again.

I was deluged with emails telling me to go here and go there on your website. The site itself was telling me to do different things. Then there are the training calls. These numbers are not 800 numbers, so they can get expensive. On my first training call I was so excited going in and so disappointed going out.

All I heard was someone "bragging" about how well he had done with his legitimate online business and where he had been and where he was now and how much money he was making. There was absolutely no HELP for us newbies. We were told how important the calls were and to keep calling in. But I have to tell you, what I heard was not worth the cost of the phone call. I hear enough bragging from so-called rich people all the time and that is not helpful to me or my business. You and your visitors insist that you are not bragging, but to a newbie you sound like you are bragging.

Maybe you should just let someone else do your next training call and tell him/her to do the call just like you do it, and you should call in and listen to it with a newbie's frame of mind, excited and ready to learn how to make oodles of money. Newbies are told they will learn secrets to boost their businesses, but the calls just do not deliver what a newbie expects. For the money we are paying to be members of your wonderful free home based business, I truly believe we are not getting our money's worth. Your easy online website does not tell us which sites to advertise with, does not negotiate deals with those sites to give us discounts, does not tell us how to advertise or when, or why we should use certain sites.

Of course the authors have no qualms about advertising their products to us for more money. What you give us is a lot of hype. Just talk, talk, talk and no results. Example: Hey, my name is John Doe, look what I did, you can do it, too, just stick with us and you will make enough money to make your dreams come true. Nearly every article is like that.

The articles promise money, dreams, etc., but they don't give specific instructions about how to achieve that. Just as a newbie thinks he/she is getting somewhere in the article, the secret still remains a secret. So we have read the article for nothing.

I also love to read, but you have so many articles that are all just alike, making promises and not delivering. It's very disappointing. You have lots of so-called wealthy online entrepreneurs writing basicly the same article in their own words. But there is no real proof that these people are wealthy.

Anyone can do a screenshot of anything and call it whatever they like. Anyone can make a video and lie like crazy. What it amounts to is this: I read your ad, it sounded just like what I needed. Now I am paying you my hard earned cash and reading the extra extra long version of your ad and still haven't found what I needed. Now for the videos.

They are great. For the people who have the latest version of computers and high speed internet. Most people cannot afford the latest computer equipment. Lots of people live in areas that don't have cable or towers for high speed internet.

Where I live I barely get on the internet using a USB modem. You can forget speed here because there are not enough towers here and there won't be for several years. The phone company here does not have cable out my way so I can't use the phone for faster service. What I would like to see is the videos written out somewhere for people like me. The videos don't do us any good if we can't hear them and there is no place to read them.

I really hate having to burst your bubble, but you don't mind taking my money, and I would really like to get my money's worth. Sincerely, Nancy Well folks, do you find yourself in this predicament? How did you like this article? Now if we can just get the offenders to deliver what they promise. Stay tuned for more. Thanks for your valuable time and Best of Life to You.

Nancy Clinton, owner of ClintonProfits.com., teaches entrepreneurs how to start a legitimate easy internet home business with multiple streams of income. ClintonProfits.com/entrepreneur

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