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Automatic Online Income Myth or Fact

Nothing excites the mind more than receiving automatic online income, day-in, day-out for all 365 days of the year. A true marvel to behold and the perfect solution to all your money worries. It is totally liberating. It gives you the freedom to pursue your life's goals, no matter what they may be.

It gives you the freedom of mobility; you can live anywhere in the world. Moreover, it gives you the time to do the THINGS you want to do, whether it's sailing solo around the world or staying home to raise your kids. Simply put, it gives you choices, plenty of choices. You are no longer tied down by a 9 to 5 job. You are your own boss. You decide when you work or even how much work you do.

But is automatic income from the web a myth or fact? Are there really people making money 24/7 while they're sleeping, enjoying a delicious restaurant meal or even while on vacation? The answer is YES! Computers and the Internet are relatively new inventions. Like anything new, many people don't fully understand how they work or what excellent opportunities they offer. Most people just can't comprehend how someone can earn automatic income from the web. To understand how this income is possible, you must first understand how the Internet works. Basically, at its very core, the Internet is simply information. We use the web to find information.

We use it to find what we're looking for - whether that "something" is in the virtual world or in the so-called real world. Whether it's a pizza with the works or the theory of relativity explained in full. you can find it all on the net. We use the Internet to solve problems, find a friend, buy a condo, book a vacation, write a book report. and the list is endless.

But how do you earn income from the web, automatic or otherwise? Again, the answer is quite simple, you just have to give web users what they're looking for and in most cases that "something" is information. They want information, neatly packaged and accessible at all times. They want things explained and pointed out to them in a direct manner.

They want easy solutions to solve their questions or problems. Information Is The Key If you want to earn income from the web, you must place your website or sites squarely into this "information mix." You must offer something of value to your site's visitors, whether it's how to make the perfect angel cake or tips on buying a new laptop.

You must offer valuable content, special deals, bargains. you must give people a good reason to use your site. They must benefit from using your site. Just look at Google; they have built a billion dollar company by simply telling people where they can find information on the web. Their homepage is one of the simplest pages on the web and hasn't changed much since they started in 1998. But they offer the visitor valuable content/information which is needed and appreciated.

Granted you're not Google, but even the smallest webmaster can offer valuable information to their visitors. Everyone is an "expert" on something - just take your favorite hobby or pastime and run with it. Build a site, offer tips, give advice, gather information. create an online presence for your chosen topic or hobby and you're in business. Once you have built a reputation for useful content, the search engines and your visitors will spread the word about your site's content. Then it is simply a matter of monetizing that content with affiliate links or thru advertising, such as Google Adsense.

There are countless ways or models of making automatic income on the web. The above example is just one of the simplest ways of earning income from your website. If you have your own product and an army of affiliates, then the above scenario is multiplied a hundredfold. Automation Is Your Friend You must keep in mind: computers and the Internet are tailor-made for automation.

Once you create your sites and content, they run 24/7 without any help from you. Once you set up your follow-up autoresponders, they run 24/7 without any help from you. Once you set up your affiliate links and/or Adsense Code, they run 24/7 without any help from you. Once you have set up your viral marketing systems, such as free videos, free buying guides, free downloads, free articles and ebooks, they run themselves 24/7 automatically. Of course, it is a good idea to monitor your site and your whole online operation. Plus, it would be wise to keep adding valuable content to your site or sites on a regular basis.

But once you have set up your automatic income streams, they pretty much run themselves without much help from their creator. Then you will see for yourself that regular automatic income from the web is indeed possible and not a myth. You will earn revenue, like clockwork, day-in, day-out; it is a true beauty to behold.

Besides, there is no greater joy than coming back from a computer-free vacation only to find you have earned enough money to pay for your vacation and then some. all the while you were away enjoying the sun and the company of friends. That's just one of the many joys having an automatic online income will give you.

Many more await you. Copyright (c) 2008 Titus Hoskins.

The author is a full-time online marketer. For the latest web marketing tools try:www.bizwaremagic.com If you want to create your own automatic income from the web, try these free courses from Ken Evoy's SiteSell: www.bizwaremagic.com/Free_Marketing_Courses.htm Titus Hoskins. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

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